10...9...8... is a blog post on the Kart Kingdom Blog. In the post, K talks about the countdowns and how fun they are. She also tells players to post a selfie of their best outfit. It was a very short post. This post is about the New Years Event from 2015/2016, and so far it has 931 comments.

Trivia Edit

  • In the background of the picture, on the left side, you can see Drew, the popular character everyone's been talking about. There are a few characters from the site's old banner as well.
  • Some think that random, but famous, faces from KK might be in here as well that aren't from the site's banner. For example, the person at the bottom left corner looks a bit like Yumms567. Also, the girl at the top right used to look like 1234letsgo70's facial expression.