Clubs are groups that are made by users on the comments section of blog posts on the Kart Kingdom Blog. Since they are not part of the actual game, they do not add anything to the gameplay.

Club owners usually make comments on blog posts that include news, polls, shoutouts, invitations to parties or meetings, contests, and other things. Some clubs may have their own dress code, currency and shop, or are restricted to certain people (such as only girls).

Some clubs have been inactive due to moderators not letting their comments on the blog.

Popular Clubs

The Sweetstar Girls

The Sweetstar Girls was made in December 2015 by Elks447. It has over 300 members, making it one of the most popular clubs. It later became inactive in 2017 due to its comments not being allowed.

Kart Klub

The Kart Klub was made by alexa714188. It has over 100 members, but is currently inactive. The club's motto is "Keep Calm and Kart On!"

Dweeb Club

The Dweeb Club was originally made by Diarydweeb/dweebyMEXD, but was later taken over by SirGawain8. It has over 100 members and is currently inactive.

Kode Klub

The Kode Klub was made by Its2016K. It was claimed to be the 4th most popular club in 2017.


ClawClan is a Warrior Cats fan-club that is currently popular compared to other active clubs. It had 20 members, but Clawheart88 decided to close down the club due to inactive users.

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