Dot is a PBS KIDS character that rarely appears in Kart Kingdom. She is 11 years old. She appears on the registration screen, and her file is simply labeled "registrationnpc.png". She also appears while crafting, before the player chooses a gadget, kart (parts), or power ups to craft. Unlike her two younger siblings, Dee and Del, she has a relatively small role in the game.

Although she is shown on the registration screen, the voice in the tutorial is not hers.


Dot has short black hair that curls up and inwards at the ends. She has light green skin and pink eyes. She usually wears a white shirt and black leggings on regular PBS KIDS programming, but in Kart Kingdom, she wears all black.

Kart Kingdom Appearances

Registration screen



  • Dot appeared in the PBS Kids story factory contest in 2007.
  • She used to be the icon of PBS Kids.
  • She has not yet been shown in any Blog Posts
  • There is a common misunderstanding that Dot is 16. It has been confirmed that she is 11 years old, even though she's been around longer then 11 years.