2016 box

The New Years Party is a special room that appears every December and first appeared in December 2015. The room is very popular and many users wear the glasses and hats from the costume box during New Years events.

It has a blue background, streamers, balloons, large speakers, a costume box, a countdown, and a floor that changes colors. Clicking on the costume box will change the user's eyes or hair.

When the countdown reaches 0, stars, rubber duckies, bubbles, or flowers fall down and the music changes.

The landmark in 2016 when it was still under construction.


  • K's hat is in the costume box
  • For some reason, in the 2018 Party Room, you could obtain the 2017 New Years Glasses.
  • When the Party Room comes, new phrases are added to the chat box like "Let's be kind to others" or "Did you know that 2017 is going to be awesome?"