The Parts Trailer is a trailer that allows you to change your appearance and use Secret Codes. All of the karts, stickers, wheels, hats, skins, masks, eyes, and hair you own can be changed here.

The guy in the parts trailer will sometimes say stuff like, "Psst! Did you know ILOVEKK is a secret code?" or, "Nice wheels!". There are many more sentences that he will say.

Appearance Edit

The trailer is sort of bean-shaped with decorative lights and a bird nest at the top.

Del appears to drive the trailer.

Trivia Edit

  • On some merchandise, such as lunchboxes, Del isn't shown driving the trailer. Instead, a girl with glasses, pink colored skin, and short black hair is there, likely to avoid confusion with the Quest Truck.
  • It is actually unknown if the drivers of the Parts Trailer and the Quest Truck are the same person, Del. Since he appears to be at two places at once, it's possible that one of them is a new mascot look-alike.
  • The parts trailer was originally called the Garage during production.

Gallery Edit