A player about to go on a Quest.

Quests are the main games of Kart Kingdom. These games are platform games (games like early Mario, early Sonic, etc.)

There are 5 quests in each area. For the first 3 quests you complete in each area, you will unlock a picture that appears on the Quest Truck in place of the quest you just finished. Once you finish the fifth quest, you can free explore.

During a quest, you will have to use multiple gadgets to find several hidden objects or animals.

List of Quests Edit

Grand Glade Edit

  1. 5 Raccoons
  2. 7 Otters
  3. Cardinals
  4. Squirrels
  5. 1 Earth

The Deep Edit

  1. Shells
  2. crab
  3. 5 Octopuses
  4. Jellyfish
  5. 1 Light bulb

Mount Snow Edit

  1. 5 Berries
  2. 12 Snowflakes
  3. Polar Bears
  4. Puffins
  5. 1 Moon

Bug Garden Edit

  1. 5 Bricks
  2. Butterflies
  3. Ants
  4. 10 Spiders
  5. 1 Rainbow
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